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Live the Moment - KusadasiONLINE



What is an open ticket?
KusadasiONLINE's open tickets enable you to  make fast reservation online, also having the opportunity for defining the exact reservation date whenever you want, regarding your holiday programme. Open tickets may be confirmed anytime but mustn't exceed 7 days prior to your arrival date.


How can I get open ticket?
You can receive open tickets after you submit your order.

How much do I pay for my open ticket?
15% of the total price of your shopping is transferred from your credit card.


How an open ticket become a reservation?
After submitting your order, an ID number will be given via your e-mail, confirming that you made a reservation within the stated dates and receive an open ticket. Remember that open tickets are only confirmed via your ID number. So, please keep your ID number until you confirm your order.
When can I make my reservation?
Confirm your open ticket whenever you like, within the dates of after reservation and 7 days prior to arrival date, from KusadasiONLINE's pages by entering your ID number.
Is my reservation affected by any delays?
No, with KusadasiONLINE's system, your tickets will not be affected by any delays in your holiday. But remember that time between your departure date and arrival date in holiday information field of the form, must not exceed 1 month.
How will I confirm my open ticket?
You may confirm your open tickets easy and fast by clicking "I have already reserved" buttons on the shopping pages of KusadasiONLINE and entering your ID number. Please note that, KusadasiONLINE does not have the responsibility for availability and quality of unconfirmed open tickets.

What happens if I cancel my order?
In a case of cancellation, KusadasiONLINE have the right to transfer 15% of total payment.

Will I feel totally in comfort and satisfy from the services?
KusadasiONLINE does its best to satisfy all its customers and to make them smile in Kusadasi.. This is our "SATISFACTION GUARANTEE


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