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Live the Moment - KusadasiONLINE


>Village Women<

From Hurriyet: Women in Manavgat's Sirtkoy village which suffers from water shortage have started an interesting boycott against their husbands who failed to bring running water to the village. The women decided not to have sex with their husbands until the men bring a solution to the problem. ''Our husbands should first prove their manhood by bringing water to the village. Only then we'll open our beds to them. I'm fed up with bringing water from the fountain in the village square since my childhood,'' one woman said. The women in Sirtkoy are determined not to let their husbands sleep in the same bed with them until they have running water in their houses.

>Dolar Increases<

From Hurriyet: U.S. dollar increased with the demands of import and export companies. Central Bank sold one U.S. dollar at one million 400,000 TL while the closing price was one million 415,000 TL at Istanbul free market. The stock exchange dropped 324 points with a trade volume of 148 trillion TL and closed at 9,075 points.


From Hurriyet: Business Week magazine which praised Turkey's new economic program and State Minister Kemal Dervis in a recent article, wrote that Turkey had entered a new era and it broke the chain of financing its budget deficits by domestic debts with high interest rates. ''Through Dervis's efforts, Turkey made legal revisions in 15 fields which include banking, natural gas and sugar production. The program started giving its fruits five months after it began. The inflation rate which was 16 percent in May dropped to three percent last month,'' the magazine wrote.

>Enis Oksuz< 

From Hurriyet: Resignation of Transportation Minister Enis Oksuz relieved the markets. U.S. dollar reduced 8 percent to 1 million 370 thousand Turkish liras. The stock exchange index rose 4.8 percent. Bond interest rates decreased 8 points. However, the statement released following the leaders' summit meeting did not satisfy the market. 

>G-8 To Discuss Argentina and Turkey< 

From Hurriyet: Crisis in Turkish and Argentine economies became an issue on the agenda of the G-8 summit meeting which will start in Genova, Italy tomorrow. At the summit meeting, the fragility of the Turkish and Argentine economies will be discussed. 

>Carlsberg in Turkey< 

From Hurriyet: Danish Carlsberg Breweries which gained 50.01 majority shares by purchasing 47.77 percent of Turk Tuborg shares for 60 million U.S. dollars put its Carlsberg beer on the Turkish market. The company targets to get a 5 percent share in the market. Turk Tuborg-Carlsberg CEO Ercument Berilgen said that 340 thousand bottles of Carlsberg were sold in two days



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