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   Partly-being an Asian country and being Muslim in religion, Turkey has a great variety of cultural richness. The life style of the Turkish people is mostly wondered but not known very well. We, Turks, are bound to our traditions, and %99 of the people living in Turkey are Muslim.


- %80 of the people read and write.

- %99 of the people are Muslim.

- Religious and governmental works are separated.

- Clothing in Turkey may differ region to region. Chic and smart clothing in the cities, changes to a country styled clothing in small towns and villages of Anatolia. Clothing is rather free in touristic centers of Turkey. Also, it is necessary to note down that as there is freedom in religion, there is no religious rule for clothing. Some oldies wear scarf and rare radical Muslims in some regions -but not in touristic towns, wear veil, although it is not a regularity.   

- In the middle Anatolia, instead of the parent-child families, there are mostly large and crowded families.

- In ceremonies and special days, people visit oldies as respect.

- Instead of going out, visiting a neighbor is more common in Turkey.

Julio Iglesias in Kusadasi

- Traditional Turkish groceries - "Bakkal" in every narrow street are still important and favored,  even there are larger supermarkets.

- Generally the meal that is prepared by the women is eaten. Eating out is a rare but a nice activity.

Doner Kebab

-Kebabs are very popular- Doner kebab is the most preferred among Turks.

- Weekend picnics are very popular for Turkish families. As Turkish people love eating, barbeque is a must in picnics.

- Nearly in every meal, we eat salad.

- Bread and water are the main dishes in the table in every meal.

Coffee House

- Men, mostly the retired, go to Turkish Coffee Houses. Coffee house culture is very popular, especially in small towns and villages. In these coffee houses, backgammon, cards and other table games are played in common. It is unusual for women to go these coffee houses.

- Tea is the most popular drink of Turkish people. We drink it at breakfast, in Coffee Houses, in the afternoon, almost all day.

Turkish Coffee

- Turkish Coffee is a traditional drink. In important meetings, especially when going to the girl's house for marriage request, the future wife makes coffee to her future husband's parents. Sometimes, after drinking the Turkish coffee, we make it upside down and when it cools, we look for the fortune. Women's after breakfast meetings are always with Turkish Coffee.

- Yogurt is the main sauce for Turks in all meals. It is eaten in every meal like salad. Ayran that is made from yogurt and water is the popular summer drink.


- While eating out, fish restaurants are preferred. A variety of daily fresh fish is available.

- National Park is great for the weekend holidays  in where both picnic and swimming are available.

- The meeting area for Kusadasi people on special days and ceremonies is near the sea in front of the Ataturk Statue.

Friday Market

- The general kitchen shopping is done in Friday public market. It is possible to find small kitchen tools beside vegetables, fruits and textile.


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