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1. While going to a daily excursion around Kusadasi,  main things you should bring are water, sun cream, hat and a camera.

2. Most of the medical centers and hospitals may assist you, if you have medical insurance. The official hospital in Kusadasi also assist at emergency.

3. The traffic in Turkey is on the right hand side of the road. Inside the city center, maximum 50 km is allowed. The speed limit  is 90 km outside the city, 130 km on the highway. Highways are generally in good condition on the coastal area. Seat belts are compulsory. Pedestrians have the right of the way at zebra crossing. Also, keep in mind that pedestrians do not have the priority!

4. Penalty for possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs in Turkey is very strict. So do not bring or use any kind of drugs in Kusadasi.  

5. Although robbery is not a major concern in Kusadasi, it is advisable to carry as little with you as possible and lock up your valuables and documents in the hotel's safe boxes. In the event of a robbery, call 155 Police Help.

6. Cigarettes are sold in all markets in the city in fixed prices.

7. Foreign newspapers and magazines are only sold in some bookstores and newsagents, unlike local newspapers that are sold in every markets. 

8. Pharmacies in Turkey are open during the week- except Sundays. If you are in need of pharmacy after hours in Kusadasi, you can find a list of night time and Sunday pharmacies on the window of any pharmacy.

9. Dinner is the most important meal for Turkish people. If you are invited to someone's home, you may bring flowers or dessert, but it is not a must. As Turkish people are known for their hospitality, you will be forced to eat everything they offer! So, be very hungry before going for a dinner to  a Turkish friend!!!...

10. When you dine outside, you may pay after having dinner. Some restaurants include serving charges to the total. Tipping is not necessary, but advisable.

11. While in Kusadasi, don't forget to taste Turkish coffee, Ayran and Raki -that are the traditional drinks of Turkey.

12. Condoms can be found in markets or at pharmacies, so as feminine products.  

13.  You should be at least 21 years of age, while renting a car or motorbike. Driving license and passport are must on renting. 

14. If you hire a car, you should carry your drivers license and the car rental agreement with you. In the event of an accident, the police must be notified even if no one has been injured as Turkish law insists on a police report for every traffic accident. Also immediately contact your car hire company. 

15. While making an international call from Kusadasi, dial 00 (country code) (area code) (7 digit tel. number) and 0 (area code) (7 digit tel. number) for an interstate phone call.

16. Don't stay in the sun between 12:00 - 15:00 without any protection. (hat, sun cream etc..)

17. Take your city map, while wandering around. Don't forget to note down your hotel's phone number in case of getting lost.

18. You may use minibuses for short distances, that are available during the day until 24:00.

19. The beaches in the center are for sun bathing, it is not advisable to swim in.

20. Although it is not harmful, avoid drinking city's tap water.

21. Wear the clothes you would normally wear in your own country, as you will see the same amount of variety in Turkey.

22. If you stay in Kusadasi longer than 5 days, change your money a little at a time as the rates are changing frequently.

23. Shops in Kusadasi are open during the week, from early in the morning to late at night, without any holiday or siesta... So , you may do your shopping whenever you like. But, keep in mind the sun factor in Kusadasi!...

24. Take excursions during your holiday in Kusadasi. It is advisable to visit ancient Ephesus, authentic village Sirince and National Park with famed beaches.

25. Purchasing of alcohol or cigarette is forbidden under the age of 18.

26. Do not take alcohol when driving, since it has very strict penalties.


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